Minority owned business

CIDS is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and can be beneficial to helping you with your renovation and new construction.  Please inquire about he benefits of using a minority owned business in your local jurisdiction.  We are here to help in answering your questions.

Space Planning

Space planning is critical in working with any size of space to make the maximum usage.  With the use of Auto-CAD, we can help allocate and divide a space to meet the local code and safely for public space.   We believe it is the key to provide more functionality and finish to a project.

Commercial Design

Commercial Design is a specialty field of study that focuses on commercial buildings such as Hotels, Office buildings, Banks, Retail stores, etc.  In working with local codes, finishes and material, it is very important to know the difference to specify for safety of people.  When planing any project knowledgeable team is important for a successful project.

Hospitality Design

Hospitality Projects are unique and special as every hotel needs to be different and represent its location.  We here are CIDS understand the importance of individuality and what would it take for the hotel to perform best in its market segment.

Specialty Design

Special project such as Banks, TI and medical offices are unique its own ways to provide service to people.  Safety of both parties needs to have special attention to make project successful. Each project is different and the results needs to be unique.

Constructive Solutions For Any Building Project